Pom-Pom Light, Fluffy, Sweet, Magic. Pomegranate. The Best. Ever. Finally a fruit flavor that you can vape all day. Barista Bold rich espresso flavor with a hint of milk.
Caramel Apple Pie A baker's delight packed full of caramel, pie crust and apples. Betty A subtle dessert concoction featuring blueberry, multiple bakery notes and a hint of strawberry. Classic Vapor's Owner Ron's All Day Vape
Blackbird A truly unique flavor featuring a berry base flavor with overtones of anise. Blend 4 Packed full of flavor, the best RY4 variant that you'll ever try.
Lasso Menthol A Cold Breeze on top of a rich, smooth, tobacco flavor. Sass An old fashioned root beer flavor that actually tastes like the real deal.
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