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Upland (District 25) Anthony Portantino (Co-Author of this Bill) (909) 599 – 7351 Rancho Cucamonga (District 23) Mike Morrell (909) 919 – 7731 Ontario (District 20) Connie M. Leyva (909) 591 – 7016
What is SB38? The State of California is proposing to ban flavored e-liquid from being sold at the Retail Level. This means a few things: Brick & Motor Stores will be forced to closed. In addition to juice, batteries and devices will be required to be purchased online only. What Can You Do? A simple call to your State Senator Representative can be helpful in opposing the proposed bill. Example: Hello, my name is _________. I'm a registered voter in your district. I'm against SB38 because I'm a of age adult who enjoys flavors. I quit smoking ________ years ago through flavored e-cigarettes. If my local age appropriate Vape Shop is no longer able to sell these products, I might return to cigarettes.
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